“Different Weekend”, soon the largest humanitarian center in the Balkans

The Foundation “Different Weekend” will be transformed into the largest humanitarian center in the Balkans. The Executive Director of the Foundation, Arbër Hajdari, has announced the launch of the works and how will be the new “Different Weekend”building, which aims to become one of the largest humanitarian centers in the Balkan region. Hajdari states that […]


Biçaku’s family humanitarians

The Biçaku family is one of the most extreme cases that “Different Weekend” has treated during her mission. Sensibilization was immediate, and for this we thank all Albanians who joined in our cause. Below is the full list of charities, thank you all! Albanians for Albanians! Charity does not make you poor! Shtëpia e re […]


A good news for Zef Tuçi’s family

The case of Zef Tuçi was really extreme, he lived in Rrëshen in inhuman conditions. The family with five members lived between poverty and illness, with 100 euro per month. Today, the foundation “Different Weekend” with the “Stop” investigative show have decided to make a surprise to Zef in the hospital. The journalist explained that […]


Besi and Xhensila join “Different Weekend”

Bes Kallaku and Xhensila Myrtezaj decided to spend the weekend in a charity activity. The artists joined the “Different Weekend” foundation and helped a poor family in Kashar. Besi, Xhensila and “Different Weekend” were in the family of Ferit Sorra. The head of household is sick. He always worries about the future of his children, […]


A gift for “Different Weekend”

“Different Weekend” charities have joined forces to donate to the foundation a truck for transporting the good materials to people in need. By recognizing closely the work of “Different Weekend” initiative, charities have found that for the distribution of household furniture in remote areas the foundation necessarily needed a truck. “Different Weekend” thanks all the […]


“Top Channel” announces “Different Weekend” the person of the year 2017

The charity initiative “Different Weekend” has been announced the person of the year by the biggest national television “Top Channel”. Voters of “Top Channel” poll chose  “Different Weekend” among many public figures. In the second place, is ranked Marin Mema, journalist, known for the documentary cycle “Albanian Footprint”. The “Different Weekend” initiative led by Arber […]