Libri “Të ndryshosh botën në një fundjavë”


Book “Changing the world in a weekend”

Arbër Hajdari &Refxhei Tola

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“Changing the world in a weekend” is a book that analize the poverty in Albanian society.
It is a cooperation between Arbër Hajdari and Refxhei Tola, and the contain information of the book generate the aspirations and visions of “Different Weekend” in the future Albania.
What is the poverty? How poor are Albanians and how react the society against this sensitive phenomen?
Which is the role of “Different Weekend”, and social programs in development function of this country?
The book “Changing the world in a weekend” is a social book, that dares to see the current situation through the eyes of truth.

The money collected from this book will go to help families in need.


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